Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Episode 6 - A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Purse Information

Please note - I misspoke in the podcast the top line for the bag is 13" - I have that on the pictures and it is on Craft Apple's instructions
Craft Apple's Blog
Craft Apple's Lotus Bag Instructions

The straps used on the Lotus bag are 1/2" saddle strings purchased at Tandy Leather. These come 48" long and she cuts them in half.

Another place I found straps:
UMEI site to purse straps

What I am working on

Yo-Yo tutorial by Heather Bailey

Heather Bailey's Fabric I am using for my new purse

Photography Interview

Stacey's Blog The Land of K.A. Be sure to check out the photography category.

Some tutuorial links

Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial blog

Scrapbook Bytes tutorial

Picasa Program - free photograph editing software

Pictures of drafting Lotus bag pattern


My Fabric:

Music on the Podcast
From the Podsafe Music Network

Bari Koril - Aspiring Angel
Frank Royster - I Don't Know
Jenny Dalton - Circles


Sue said...

Loving your podcasts Lori! I see episode 6 is here - does it take a couple of days to become available on iTunes? I couldn't find it tonight.

Stacy said...

Glad to see it is up and I finally got a chance to listen to it last night. You could barely here my kids on the interview...yay! :) Good job on it!

Material Mama said...

Wonderful job Lori! I was just trying to figure out photography as well. Great minds LOL

I was so tickled to hear the reaction of your daughter to your podcast. I can totally relate. It's always odd when people I 'know' listen.

Keep up the great work!

Meg aka nutmeg at

Sue said...

That was so sweet about your College Girl's reaction to your podcast - I got all sniffly!
A purse sew-along, eh? And all my sewing stuff is packed up! Guess I'll need to go shopping!

Necole said...

I love your podcast! keep it coming. My favorite thing is that I always learn something and you ask questions I woulds ask in your interviews:-) I like it better with no music too - thanks!!!!