Friday, September 21, 2007

Episode 12- It's all in the Pattern

Interview with Deborah Kreiling,

Design Development Director
Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity's website

If you liked the interview please leave some feedback at Simplicity:

Simplicity's feedback page

In the Novi area - stop by the Simplicity both and tell Deborah hello:

Novi Sewing Expo

Leave a comment on the blog before October 15, 2007, and you could be the winner of this
pattern. As seen in Sew Stylish magazine. I will randomly draw a winner from the comments and the pattern will be mailed to you.

Please note: My internet is down, I posted this podcast from a friend's. I hope all went well with it and thanks for listening.


Sheri said...

Hello Lori:

I am actually new to listening to your podcast and thought the interview with Deborah from Simplicity was very enjoyable and informative. I am also new to sewing as a way to build my wardrobe without breaking the bank. Thank you for giving us such great information and inspiration.


Sheri D. Maple

Karen said...

Thank you, Lori, for your podcast! Years ago, I made all of my clothes, but then I got into quilting and didn't sew clothing for several years. I'm back into it now, and I'm finding that your podcast is both encouraging and inspiring. Thanks for all of the work that you do to put together a podcast for us! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops, I left a comment on the previous post. I meant to leave it here. Just wanted to say that I found the interview very fun (especially the special announcement at the end!)

Laura Lynn Marschel said...

Hi i just found your podcast! I really enjoy all the resources discussed and the interviews! I have to catch up but wanted to read about the sew along, cute!
-Laura Marschel

Isabelle said...

Hi Lori, I love your podcast. Always save it for when I have some quality "me" time. It is so inspiring. I can't imagine how much time it demands of you!

Cyd said...

Wonderful podcast Lori. Fun to hear from sombody on the inside of the Simplicity world. Thanks!!

Cidell said...

This was such a great episode. I loved the interview with Simplicity and finding out how they get things done.

Please, please, please keep this podcast going!

Sue said...

Thanks for a great episode, Lori! I particularly enjoyed hearing about the process to go from designer's concept to commercial pattern. It is so amazing that they can "know" what style will be "in" a year ahead. OK, so the fashion industry really does set the styles and we just follow along! But dresses into next summer? Sigh. I prefer pants. Keep up the great podcast!

Tany said...

What a great episode, Lori! I enjoyed everything in it! Well done!

donna said...

love your podcast and have only jsut found it. I am really looking to going back through all of your past episodes.

sue v said...

Great! Glad I found this site.

Stitchy Fingers said...

I've just finished listening to all of your podcasts. I've really enjoyed them. I'm too late for the bag sew along but are you thinking of having another sew along?

Sandi said...

I've enjoyed listening to your podcasts. I love the variety of topics you cover and all the links you post to your show notes. Please keep it up!

Lori said...

I haven't sewn a Simplicity pattern for years so usually don't even look at their book. After this podcast, I plan to take another look at them.

Keep up the good work. I really enjoy the podcasts and learn something from every episode.

Melissa said...

I just found your podcast and I'm enjoying it so very much!! Everything I've listened to has been so informative so please keep those podcasts coming. I really enjoyed the Simplicity interview. What an incredible process commerical pattern making is and to think they can turn out that many new patterns each year. And what is even more amazing is that I can pick them up on sale so inexpensively. Now I feel guilty for getting them so cheap.