Sunday, October 7, 2007

Episode 13- Sew For Your Health

Sewing stress buster links:

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UKY site

Robert Kaufmann fabric Hooty Owl fabric

What I am sewing:
Pattern List:
Onion 5038
Simplicity 3627
McCall's 5479
Vogue 8202
McCall's 5471

From the interview:

Sew Exciting Interfacing

Hemostat - Pam's favorite notion

Book mentioned in the interview


Karen said...

Thank you, Lori, for continuing to produce these podcasts. I'm really enjoying them. And your interview with the woman who designs interfacing was really helpful. I've interfaced a dress just recently, and I know that the next time I make something with interfacing that I will be more careful to avoid gliding my iron, and I'll spend more time studying the instructions.

Lois said...

Thank you, Lori, for your interview with Pam. I learned a lot about applying interfacing. I also found out about this website just recently and am looking forward to hearing more podcasts on sewing.

Stitchy Fingers said...

I haven't sewed very much so I haven't needed interfacing in many years. The last time I bought some it was off of a bolt and had no instructions! Do you do your interviews through the internet? If you do, I was thinking of suggesting the Ottobre people. It would be interesting to hear if they are going to do men's patterns, for example. I'm sure most of them can speak English.

Cidell said...

Another great episode Lori. I listened last night. I learned more about interfacing than I ever knew before! Thank you for doing these. They are terrific.

Lori said...

Like every other seamstress, I've run into interfacing problems, especially the bubbling of fusibles after the wash. I'm relieved to know it's probably not because I'm incompetent at applying interfacing. It's the fabric!

Again, useful information. Thank you!

Pam said...

Lori, I have really enjoyed every episode of the "Sew Forth Now" podcast. I do not sew very much, but I think about it a lot, so your podcast seems as though it was made for me! To get back into sewing after several years' absence or the odd project here and there, I have been reading every magazine and book I can find. Amazingly, your podcast has given me new, interesting, and useful info - in addition to all that reading! The last episode with the interfacing information was so valuable, I just had to write to thank you. Keep it coming!

Sue said...

I haven't had chance to listen to the whole podcast yet, but the part about sewing is good for your health was right on! Even my DH has recognized it and is being a little more helpful with getting my DS's bedroom moved so I can set up my sewing room in DS's previous, tiny bedroom! He told DS, Mom needs to sew!

Jackie said...

I just recently found your blog and glad I did. I have enjoyed the podcasts that I listened to so far and look forwoard to hearing more. This one on interfacing was very helpful.

Laura Lynn Marschel said...

Love your podcast! Great choices for interviews! I was just wondering if you have any pics of the cute purses you made, they sounds great! Did you use a pattern? (Maybe I missed that part?) Either way, thanks and have a great day!
-Laura Marschel

Barbara said...

What great information :D Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

Very informative podcast on interfacings - I'd love to try Pam's interfacing sampler too! :-)

gerbera said...

i have only just found your podcast and just caught up to the current episode yesterday. I have just started sewing and have found out a lot of very VERY useful helpful sewing things. I have to listen to the interfacing podcast again because I didn't quite understand it all :)