Thursday, November 8, 2007

Episode 15 – machine shopping

Sewing History

America Sews

Husqvarna Viking

My template instructions, click on picture to see it larger.

McCall's 5471 blouse and Butterick 5100 tunic


Melissa said...

Excellent interview with Sue - very fun to listen to! She seems so sweet and easy to talk with. Looking forward to the next show!

the_crocheter said...

I want to write you that I absolutely LOVE your podcast and listened to EVERY episode and can't wait to hear the next!
I am the ABSOLUTE beginner and the main reason WHY I want to learn to sew is because I want to be able to sew something that I saw in a fashion magazine that I can't affoed.
Hense my question: can you recommend me (and others) patterns from some kind of a company that are TRENDY, that are NOW and FORWARD in fashion??

Tany said...

Fabulous podcast and very usefull too! I enjoyed meeting Sue so much, her joy and enthusiasm are contagious!

Shirley said...

I really enjoyed the podcast and the history of the sewing machine. Will you be doing one on buying a serger?

Mandy said...

Thanks so much for your podcast. I am enjoying listening to each one. Since I have only just discovered "Sew Forth Sew", I am gradually listening from the first episode.
I particularly enjoyed this episode since I own three Husqvarna Viking machines (2 sewing machines, one is 30 years old this year and the second is 6 years old; then I also have a Huskylock).Sadly, in this country - I live in the UK, we do not have the sewing programmes you have in the US. I have sent an email to Husqvarna asking if they could make the programmes available here. I do hope they can.
It isn't until I hear podcasts like yours that I learn what is available around the world.