Saturday, November 17, 2007

Episode 16 - Let's Start with a Muslin

Simplicity's Project Runway patterns 3529 to 3541

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Nina said...

Hi Lori,

I really enjoy your podcasts. May I make a suggestion? Altho, I enjoyed listening to Sue, from HV, I would have loved to be able to hear her answer questions from listeners. One I would ask would be why oh why did HV put their stores inside JoAnn stores? I get lousy service from gals who barely know their machines, no classes, etc.

Any chance you could tell us ahead of time who you're going to interview and maybe we could write in questions?


Sheri said...

I listened to the podcast Sunday evening in between making cranberry sauce. However, I thought it was a great interview. As a beginner sewer, I find making muslin invaluable because it gives me a chance to practice cutting and laying fabric, and a run through in reading directions. In addition, by the time I begin cutting on my real fabric, the process goes by significantly easier. Thanks for doing the show.

Terri_A said...

Hi Lori,
I love love your podcast because you actually stay on valuable topics and I learn something EVERY time I listen. Also, you stay neutral and ask pertinent questions. You have wonderful interviews.
Thanks for making them regularly too!


Material Mama said...

Thanks for the podcast! I liked the idea about using freezer paper for patterns, ironing it and sewing around it. Great for Ottobre, which has no seams!

Thanks again,

Isabelle said...

Lori, I am only now catching up on this podcast. It was fantastic. Now I want to take a class at PR! Thank you for a very stimulating podcast.