Saturday, February 2, 2008

Episode 21 - Slinky and a Story

Threads reference site
Sewing Muse

Ottobre magazine issues and back issues
My jeans and dress pants are from Ottobre Woman 5/2007
Ottobre site
Check these sources for back issues:
Dots n Stripes - UK source
Wooly Thread

Needle Nook Blog check out this site for specials, coupons, fabric of the week and inspiration
Ready-to-wear sites for slinky (travel) wardrobe ideas
Coldwater Creek

Kwik Sew patterns Ann recommends for slinky
2243 - top - out-of-print
2056 -slacks out-of-print
2900 tshirt
2740 closer fitting t-shirt designed for 50% fabric
check Kwik Sew for the out-of-print patterns and Ebay

Needles for slinky 75/11 and a fine strong thread (Mettler, metrosene)

BWOF #116 1/2008 wrap top


Karen said...

That is a great photo, Lori! And your new top looks wonderful! I don't usually sew with knits, but your program is inspiring me to consider it.

Melissa said...

I'm not even through the whole podcast yet, but I had to jump online and say what a neat story about your mom - that is so sweet! And I've never heard of sewing muse, I must live under a rock, huh? Great site, it's definitely getting bookmarked. Back to the podcast! :-)

P.S. I'd love for you to have 3 this month - hint hint!