Friday, March 7, 2008

Episode 24 - A Good Foundation

Elastic wasitband tutorial

Sew ends of elastic together, section the elastic into quarters. This elastic is marked with pins, you could use a fabric washable marker. Quarter mark the garment's waist also.

Begin serging the elastic to the garment. Make sure you have a few stitches secured before you stretch the elastic.

A view of the serging.

Quarter mark. The pin on the elastic is matching with the seam of the pajama pants. Remember to remove your pin before the serger blades hit the pin.

Completed serged waistband

Next, sew the the casing down, use your coverstitch or sewing machine.

Once again, match the seams. This will help the waistband lay flat. See the seam on the casing matching up with the side seam on the wrong side of the garment.

Shot of steam to draw up the elastic.

Finished elastic waistband. I hope this helped.

The interview on today's episode is with Anne St. Clair owner of Needle Nook Fabric
Anne has been a guest on the show a few times and is a wealth of information.

Anne mentions these sources for bras
Elite Bra pattern (her own design) check her blog for ordering information
Kwik Sew lingerie patterns
Elan patterns

You can Email Anne with any questions.

Thanks for listening and posting comments. I try to reply to all I can. Sometimes blogger doesn't show the email address, just a non-reply note. I do appreciate all the comments and ideas. Thank you.

I will start posting the length of the podcast on this blog. Maybe that will be helpful to those who listen via the computer. This one is 52 minutes long. That might be a record!


Anonymous said...

This helped me soooooo MUCH! Thanks for the help Lori:-)

Laura said...

Thanks for the waistband info, as well as the interview. One question - do you use any particular kind of elastic? I assume it has to be the kind that can be sewn through.

Stacy said...

Thanks for this tutorial, Lori! I will have to try this new way of putting in waistbands now that I have my serger.

Lori said...

Laura, I use any type of elastic. If you aren't sure, I would do a small test swatch. HTH

Karen said...

Thank you, Lori, for your tips on sewing in elastic for waistbands. I've never seen this done this way, but I'm definitely going to give it a try! Also, this will be yet one more incentive for me to learn how to use my mother's old serger this year. Thanks again for a great podcast! :-)

hennasplace said...

Thank you for the tutorial and the interview on bra construction. I would like to make my own bra for a better fit.

Ruth said...

Do you have a rule for how much smaller than the waist measurement to make the circle of elastic? Whenever I try this method it seems like the waistband ends up too big. I usually cut my elastic an inch or 2 smaller than the waist measurement.

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