Thursday, March 13, 2008

Episode 25 - Couture Details

History of couture:
Fashion Era
The History of Haute Couture
Haute Coutue Impeccable Style and History

Interpret Couture into our sewing
Couture Sewing

Interview with Susan Khalje
Susan Khalje Website
Susan's Books

Article on HGTV website about sewing schools:

HGTV article

Length of Podcast - 46 minutes


Elaray said...


I had the opportunity to listen to a few of your podcasts today at work. (Yes, I was goofing off!) The podcasts are so informative and entertaining. Now that I've been exposed, I'm going to find the time to be a regular listener. Thank you so much for the work you put into the podcasts.

Leah said...

A great podcast... perfect to listen to as I basted braid on a dance vest.

johnstonga said...

Hi Lori! I wait anxiously for the next podcast to be posted. I am an advanced beginner in terms of sewing home dec and quilting but a complete newbie when it comes to fashion sewing. I so want to learn and am jotting down the tips I learn from listening to you in my sewing notebook. Thanks and keep sewing forth now!