Monday, July 28, 2008

Episode 33- Sharing the Gift of Sewing

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Tips for Teaching Kids to Sew


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Meredith's quilt:

The prize to one lucky winner - Meredith will make a clock like this one. Leave a comment on the blog - – maybe an idea for a beginner, how you learned to sew, or if you teach someone to sew. We will draw for the winner on August 15th.

Podcast length: 50 minutes


Anonymous said...


thanks for taking the time to do your podcasts. this was a great one. i just love your dd's voice. it's like honey. i'm going to have my 12yo dd listen. hopefully it'll kindle her interest. :-)

Karen said...

Thank you for the wonderful podcast! What a treat to hear the enthusiasm in these two young girls' voices! It made me smile and also cry a little as I remembered learning to sew from my mother years ago. I'd love to be entered into the drawing for the sweet fabric clock. Thank you again for all of the time and effort, creativity and enthusiasm that you put into these wonderful podcasts. I look forward to hearing each one, and they make me want to run to my sewing room to pick up one of my UFOs waiting there! :-)

SewsLikeTheWind said...

Terrific cast, but they all are! Every Tuesday I have to take a grueling long car and train ride. My one saving grace is that I sync all your casts to my iPod, old and new.

Sometimes I really need to hear some things twice -- just the way I learn I guess!

I began sewing years ago making Halloween costumes for my kids. I took lots of shortcuts and never really applied myself. Now that the kids are grown it's all about me! I have been really enjoying sewing and it is terrific to have your program and access to the wonderful interviews you do.


Vicki said...

I really enjoyed listening to Meggie and Meredith! So thankyou Lori, Meggie and Meredith. I will encourage my 14yo to listen too.

Marie said...

I teach beginners classes occasionally and I would say to be enthusiastic and be generous with praise even when you are ripping out.Adults and children alike will stick with it longer if they feel secure with the teacher. That doesn't mean to not correct mistakes we just do it gently and with lots of explanation and reinforcement. I have had the same core group in a class for four years now and I am amazed at how far they have come.

Anonymous said...

I am so Happy with your podcast. Thank you: Glad you share your love of sewing with all of us. Makes my work day go by faster the days you have a post. You are a professional @ sewing and podcasting: keep them up ! Jan

Tiffany from MD said...

A great podcast, as always! Something else that may trigger sewing interest is just going fabric shopping. My 10yo DS just got some cammo fabric that he wants to make shorts out of. He made a doll size rag quilt in a 4-H class, but nothing since. I love the idea of pillowcases, and will encourage him to make some before trying the shorts. Your DD sounds like a very sweet girl, and she did a fantastic job on her quilt. Thanks so much!

Leah said...

Thanks again for another podcast.

I am slowly teaching my older two kids to sew. My son (7) has made a duffle bag, my 5yo daughter has made pillow case and a gym bag for school. They both love using the embroidery machine, and are quite good at threading and placement - although I still hoop the fabric.

Ms. V said...

I really wish I had someone with the patience to teach me how to sew when I was younger.

I'm a new sewer (on the cusp of age 30) and have learned (already!) that any beginner should start small. I am self-taught so far (lots of reading/rereading of my machine's manual and websites and books) and love the "Teach Yourself Visually Sewing" book. This book reminded me that the fashion pattern I purchased for my first project probably wouldn't be successful if I didn't take time practicing smaller stuff first.

I've listened to all of your podcasts and think you share such great, informative content. In fact thanks to something you mentioned, I'm checking out my local quilt store and may actually take a beginner's class there to help build up my confidence.

Keep up the great work!

Sheezwhiz said...

I really enjoyed this podcast. I learned to sew by watching my mom, although I don't remember her formally teaching me how to sew, and now she calls me for sewing advice and help! Anyway, keep up the good work, I really enjoy your shows.

Sue said...

Great podcast, Lori! It is so encouraging to hear teens interested in sewing! My Mom initially taught me to sew, but it wasn't long before she was asking me for tips and how-tos! My best tip - never sew when you are tired! If you are tired but really want to get into that sewing room, just fold fabric or organize patterns or something to feed your sewing spirit! Most of the time when I've sewn when tired I end up having to "un-sew" and "re-sew" the next day!

Meredith Lynn said...

Fantastic podcast, Lori! I love your idea with the pillowcases. I am going to try that with little Mr. "wanna sew"! It was so encouraging to hear from the incredibly talented girls. Meredith-there's a "Klutz Glove" you should try with the rotary cutter. You can do it! :)

Melissa said...

Loved the podcast Lori! What an inspiration to beginning sewers. I loved hearing Meggie Lulu and Meredith's voice - both sound like such sweeties! :-) Looking forward to the next podcast, it's always a highlight in my day when I have one to listen to.

ehinkel1 said...

I always enjoy your podcast but especially #33! The interviews were wonderful with young sewers (loved your daughter). I am watching my two young grandsons (ages 8 & 6) for several days and we have done a couple of sewing projects in the past but when you mentioned pillow cases, I know that's what we will do!!
Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put together your podcast! It's a gift.

Rheba said...

I've just started listening to your podcast and am really enjoying it.

I just got back into sewing after a very long absence. My mother is a terrific seamstress and attempted to teach me when I was a teenager. Unfortunately I'm the impatient type and it was rough going. When my son was young I used to sew because we didn't have much money and it was a way to save. Now that he's grown and gone I've taken it back up because I enjoy it! I'm having to relearn everything and this time my mothers help is much more appreciated.

Thanks again for the inspiring podcast.

Beth said...

I haven't had time to listen lately but did have a moment to click on your blog. Thank you! I just finished my second year as a 4-H sewing leader and am always on the lookout for project ideas and ways to keep my kids motivated and enjoying sewing. One charity project we did that was a big hit with the kids and the women's shelter was to make baby receiving blankets. The kids bought 2 pieces of coordinating flannel, each 1 1/4 yards. The leaders put the fabric pieces together (wrong sides together), straightened the edges with a rotary cutter (no kids allowed) and rounded the corners. Then each child serged around the edges and voila! the blankets were done. Fast and easy and very rewarding. While kids were waiting for their turn on the serger, they made homemade cards to attach to each blanket. The presentation to the shelter was heartwarming for the kids as well as eye opening about the needs of others. Thanks again for the fabulous podcast and I look forward to catching up!

Robin said...

I'm an episode behind on the podcast, but I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed the interviews with Meggie Lu and your daughter.
Please tell your dd that I'm impressed with her quilt. It so pretty! She did a fantastic job!
My dd sewed when she was younger, but it has fallen by the wayside since she her late high school and college years. I'm still saving a machine for her, just in case. :)
I've probably said this before, but Thank You for all the effort you put into the podcast. I subscribe to several and Sew Forth Now is by far my favorite.

Terri_A said...

This was a fab podcast:-)Thanks Lori.