Thursday, November 13, 2008

Episode 40 - Pockets

Information on magazine holder/ protectors:

Courtesy of Anne

Take a see-through shower curtain ( IKEA shower curtain) and cut off the top with the holes for the shower curtain rings. Cut it into pieces of 27" x 10.5" (68 x 27 cm). Take some cotton fabric and cut strips of 2" x 14" (5 x 34 cm), two strips per magazine pocket. Bias cut not needed. Fold the strips lengthwise and press. Fold the plastic shortwise (is that the correct word?) making two layers of 13.5" x 10.5". Put the strips around the lengthwise opening and stitch with min. ½" seam allowance and a straight long stich from the bottom. An inch before the top, make a curve and stitch towards the corner. Repeat for the other side. The cotton has to be on the outside, otherwise the sewing machine cannot sew the very slippery plastic - it enforces the seam as well.

The pocket should be fairly snug so that the magazine is kept flat. The curves in the top will ease insertion. It can now even be stored vertically in a box. You can use different colours of fabric to colour code - red for 2007, blue for Ottobre, yellow for the ones with your favorite, pink for the ones with work in progress, flowers for the ones with girl's clothes - endless possibilites. If you like it a bit neater, you can make two fold binding tape or buy the tape. I personally don't mind the ravelery - it is faster and cheaper this way. :-)

I have also photocopied all the pages with the overview of the patterns in all my magazines and put it in sheets protectors and in a binder. This way I don't need to flip through all my magazine when I look for something specific. It took a looong time to scan and print all that but now I just need to do it every three months with the latest magazines