Friday, January 9, 2009

Episode 42- New Year, New Ideas

Amy Butler's Weekender Bag and Sophia bag.

BWOF trench

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Recently discovered and have been enjoying your podcast. I'm trying to return to sewing after a 30+ year hiatus so I'm grateful for the information and the overall content. It's so nice to have a good, wholesome alternative to most of the media available to listen to or watch during the day while you are busy with sewing or chores.

Lisa H. said...

I enjoy your podcast.I listen to it while sewing or cutting.It inspires and informs me.I've been talking you up with my sewing buddies.Now they are enjoying it too.Thank you,for a wonderful program.

Maxi said...

Gorgeous bags! I wish I was good enough to make them! One day hopefully - they look really stylish.