Monday, January 12, 2009

Magazine holder photos

Anne was very kind and sent pictures of her magazine holders. You can find the directions to sew these on Episode 40 post.


Anonymous said...

I don't get it. what is the purpose of the magazine holder? I store my magazines in magazines cardboard holders

Anne LO said...

Ah yes, neat and tidy persons may not need it as much as I do. :-)

There is very little point to the holder/pocket if you don't have magazines with loose pattern sheets. My Burda comes with four loose pattern sheets.

I think the cardboard holders make the magazines and pattern sheets bend out of shape the first six months of a year until the holder is more than half full - this holder/pocket keeps them straight.

The other purpose is to keep the magazine and the pattern sheets close together. This way I can grab the magazine and take it with me to a class or a friend or lend it out without ever worrying about the pattern sheets getting lost.

A third purpuse could be to store the traced patterns with the magazine in a convenient way.

I have several magazines scattered around my sewing piles for various projects - the magazine and pattern sheet is safe and sound in the holder/pocket and no toddler, coffee or slide to the floor will kill it.

It's a matter of personal preference.

Lori said...

I think it is a great idea to keep the magazine and patterns together. I think it is a matter of personal preference. This is just another idea for some to use.

Barbara said...

Lori I love your blog and your podcast. Thank you so much for doing this. I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award.