Sunday, May 17, 2009

Episode 47 - Tailoring

Tailoring article

Tailoring article - apprenticeship information

Last Tailoring article

E How

SSRSI sewing links

Judy Barlup

Sewing the Perfect Jacket book

Palmer and Pletsch Tailoring Book

Mary Roehr

Colette Patterns

the Long Thread

Sewing Room at HGTV

Abbey Lane Quilts

Artful Offerings

J Stern Designs

Length of Podcast - 26 minutes


FredP said...

Thanks for the comments on tailoring. That's my primary sewing hobby, and it's good to see others giving it some attention. It would be great to hear an interview with a tailor or tailoring educator. A book to add to your list is Roberto Cabrera's "Classic Tailoring Techniques". That's what gave me my start. Cheers! Fred

Josephine said...

What a great episode this was! I really loved listening to it, it is so relevant!

Can't wait to find time to plug into the next episode!!!

AND - did you get your Burda WOF?? I got mine today and I think it's my FAVORITE so far! All the others had okay stuff in my opinion, but this is going to be the first Burda that makes me pull out the patterns and get to it! Hooray! I look forward to what you think about it too! If even a browse... Take care! Love your podcast! Keep up the good work!

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