Saturday, February 13, 2010

Episode 53 - What Process do you Enjoy?

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Legends Pattern Article at Pattern Review

Ruffle t-shirt tutorial

Bound buttonholes

Onion Patterns

Susan Khalje - new site

My coat:

Podcast length - 31 minutes


Elaray said...

I think Episode 53 is an excellent podcast - possibly because I agreed with all of your opinions! :) I smiled when you said you cant sing or draw! Sewing is my creative outlet, too. Re: what sewing process do I enjoy? I've made so many Burda magazine patterns, I come to like the tracing! I know it sounds crazy, but after tracing, I feel like I drafted the patterns and that makes them more "mine". I also like the planning stage. Choosing the pattern to go with fabric is enjoyable even though I make the wrong choice sometimes.

Keep up the good work!

Terri_A said...

My favorite aspects of sewing? Hmmm... That is hard because I really love all of it. My very favorite is probably the planning and cutting stage. (Handling and viewing the fabric is a constant joy throughout the process. Especially silk, wool or bamboo.) My second favorite is the great result stage and my least favorite aspect is fighting with equipment, or notions that don't work right, or when I am thoughtless and just do it wrong...

Amy said...

I love the planning stage too. My daughter is 4 1/2 and super girly. So I use a lot of pretty fabrics and flouncy patterns. She loves fun trims and little extras. This makes the planning and gathering phase super fun. It's also fun to sew for her, because she's tiny and garments come together quickly. :) Great episode, thanks for a fun podcast!

MegRoseSews said...

I loved this podcast. OK, partly because I've been checking to see when you would have time to do a new one.. I like the 'casts that are centered around things you do best. I know a lot of people are into interviews - and I often learn things through them - but mostly I enjoy just hearing about what you are doing, how you are fitting sewing into your life, how your kids are and fun things you've found on the web. Also I like hearing you talk about things I've seen posted in your blog. Like the kwik sew blue flowered tee shirt with the binding I don't yet know how to make. (I know you will get around to that tutorial! I loved that tee so much thatI bought the pattern online after seeing it there)

Also I liked the idea of your topic. I see that others like what I like - thinking about fabric, colors and embellishment. As an avid stash buster these last several months I've been focusing on trims instead of fabric. That's what I let myself buy in the fabric store when the buying bug bits. A Brittex field trip garnered me some two different pieces of beautiful french silk ribbon that I pinned up to my bulletin board. then every stash project goes up against them. JUst this morning I sewed a three inch piece of beautiful black/blue and gold birds to the front of a mustard fleece vest.

So I would say colors and embellishment are pretty high but there's one thing even more appealing. It's when I manage to SAVE a project that wasn't working out at all as intended. I always remember a long sleeved cranberry velour top I created from the short puffed sleeve dropped elastic waisted mini dress that was so not right for that pattern. I cut off the skirt, added long wide pieces to the puffed sleeves (hadn't added the elastic high up yet) and made the seam look like a fold that was supposed to be there. Then I cuffed the sleeve end with elastic casing at the wrist. I also put a piece of lace embellishment in the front and it turned out like a fancy sweatshirt. I got more compliments on that top than anything else I made at the time. And of course I always had to admit the truth. Yes, I should have kept my mouth shut. There have been a few other saves over the years but probably nothing compared to the ones that just had to go into the donation bin, with hopes that somebody would salvage the brand new fabric or else think they were a lot cuter than I did.


Anne LO said...

Nice to hear from you again. :-)

Very interesting question! I have two favorites: 1) The dreaming and anticipation. The thought that nothing goes wrong, that this project will be the one where it fits, sews up so well and will look sooo nice. 2) The actual sewing - when I have all the pieces ready, pin it together, sew it and viola!

But if it goes well, I like all the processes. If I am adjusting a lot of thing on the pattern and it fits when I tissue fit, I get so excited (and I get so much more disappointed if it turns out ugly in fabric). Sewing is a journey. :-)

Lane said...

Great podcast and a great question!
My least favorite process is the altering the pattern to fit my "non-standard" body. By far, the process I enjoy the most is the actual sitting at the machine and watching the garment come together.

I know that doing a podcast is a lot of work for you but I really look forward to each one. Please keep up the good work! Your listeners appreciate you and all the good information and updates you give.

Lane said...

Great podcast and a great question!
My least favorite process is the altering the pattern to fit my "non-standard" body. By far, the process I enjoy the most is the actual sitting at the machine and watching the garment come together.

I know that doing a podcast is a lot of work for you but I really look forward to each one. Please keep up the good work! Your listeners appreciate you and all the good information and updates you give.

Beth said...

My favorite part is the shopping, imagining, and looking at pattern books. My least favorite is the ripping out! I don't think I have made anything yet that didn't require some re-sewing! Aghh! I sure enjoyed listening to your latest podcast while ironing a pile of shirts for my husband. I've learned so much from listening to you and THANK you for the shownotes which have incredible links. Looking forward to your next podcast . . .

Dinah said...

Great podcast, Lori. My favorite part of sewing is seeing the flat fabric change into an actual garment, with curves and shape. I love the anticipation that others have mentioned, too. My least favorite thing is when you think you've made all the pattern adjustments, but the garment just doesn't fit quite right when you're finished. I find that very discouraging. This winter I've had a lot of fun re-fashioning items from thrift stores. Our sewing guild had a challenge that got us started on the concept and it's been so fun!

Looking forward to the next podcast!

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Anonymous said...

I am a new listener and I just love your podcast. It is so inspiring! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in to your podcast. I have listed to almost all of them over the past couple weeks while I have been sewing and doing housework.

My favorite part of sewing is stitching and turning a flat piece of fabric into an actual garment. It is lake magic to me. By the way, I love your blue coat - it is super cute.

Molly in Wisconsin

H Everett said...

What do I think if my favorite part? Hmmm.

Dreaming and conception of a project is always my most favorite. But the rest of the steps often vary in regards to my likes and dislikes. As long as I can keep it fun and not stressful I generally will enjoy most of the project. However, there is ALWAYS one thing that I HATE--seam ripping. UGH!

Melissa said...

Well I'm a little late posting what I enjoy and don't - but I haven't had time to listen to the podcast until today. Coincidently, I was using my seam ripper when you asked your listeners to post what they enjoy about sewing. I can say with my certainy, I DON'T enjoy using my seam ripper since that means I've made a boo-boo! lol I think my favorite part is actually sewing the item. Often times I think too much about what I'm going to sew and get all caught up in that aspect and it ends up hindering me. Probably my least favorite is altering the pattern. I just want to sew and not have to mess with all the alteration part - which we all know is so important.

I really enjoyed the podcast and look forward to the next one. :-)

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Debbie said...

I love your podcasts. I just got a quite time to listen to list one. I enjoy the design part of sewing the best, just ahead of the lit up look I see on my children's face after I finish their chosen garment.
I've visited Pattern Review a few times. Anne St. Claire has suggested I participate in there more. I'm not sure how. I don't use patterns, therefore can't review. I've tried to utilize and comment in forums. It's such a large site, how does one participate to the fullest?
Debbie @ SquigglyTwigs

Sue said...

I know I'm too late for the drawing but I have been catching up on podcasts this weekend! My favorite part? I don't think I can pick just one - I do like fabric shopping, even if shopping in my stash. I love hearing, Mom, can you make me from my 13 year old son, even though these days it's mainly for sleep pants. And then, "Are my pajamas done yet?" as hurry to finish before his bedtime. Love seeing that he still will make something I've made him, even if only my husband and I see them! So, I guess I am a product sewist. I like to tell people that I like to sew because what I make stays made, unlike housework that you have to repeat the same process over and over again!
Thanks for the podcasts, Lori! They do inspire me!