Sunday, March 28, 2010

Episode 54 - Finding the Time

****EDIT AGAIN***  The file at my hosting site Libsyn has a broken link again (the podcast file is gone), Libsyn states on the support page the problem has been fixed.  So I have uploaded the file for the 3rd time.  I am hoping, third time is a charm. 

****EDIT**** on March 28th and March 29th (morning) there were problems downloading the podcast.  I have uploaded the file again and it appears to be working.  Thanks to those who posted comments to let me know you were having problems, I appreciate it.  Keeping my fingers crossed!*****

Time articles

EHow article
EZine Article

Atlanta Thread Site

DIY Dish Video Podcast
Neckband Tutorial at Girls in the Garden
Facing tutorial
Tights Tutorial
Diana's Sewing Lessons

Podcast length - 37 minutes


Anne LO said...

When I download the podcast it's 0 bytes? Waaa, I wanted my fix and I can't get it! Waaa! :-)

KraftyKendall said...

When I tried to add it it says that the file cannot be played on my Ipod.... glad I'm not the only one having trouble!

Debbie said...

Me too! I'll try again later.

Melissa said...

Ack, it doesn't want to download for me either. This sounds like that "perfect" espiode for the life I'm leading lately.

KraftyKendall said...

As of 10:50 AM CST it now says that the file has a size but time is null and still won't download. Ahhhh I'm so excited, this seems like the perfect topic for me right now

Debbie said...

Yeah!!! I so look forward to your podcasts. I always learn a great deal am equally inspired. I love your new jackets!

Anne LO said...

My idea for saving time is: If you have room for it, get an extra sewing machine. A basic machine, maybe 20 years old, can be obtained for a low price. If you sew with two different colors, you don't have to re-thread many times during a project, you just change sewing machines. Get one that uses the same feet as your primary machine so that you don't have to buy two sets of feet. And if your primary machine is taken in for service, you can still sew some.

Mary Beth said...

So here's my "sneaky" way of finding those 30 minutes to sew... I work 10 minutes from home, and am entitled to an hour lunch (whether or not that happens on a regular basis is a whole other story, of course). But if I allow 20 minutes for driving and 10 minutes to eat a sandwich (ha ha), my "lunch break" turns into a half-hour midday sewing break with no one else at home! Bliss!

Melissa said...

Lots of great tips Lori. Listening to you is always so inspiring to me. Now I'm off to sew (hopefully an Easter dress - so last minute as usual!).

Dinah said...

Great podcast, Lori! I quilt as a business and I've found that if I want to get any sewing done for myself, those 10-20-30 minutes are the way to go. It's hard to get your mind around 10 minutes of sewing being a good thing, but it does work.


MegRoseSews said...

Inspired by your 'cast I focused on working on my sewing technique skills, for fitting sewing in when so much else is going on. One spot of sewing time was reading through your tee shirt neckband tutorial. A second was taking a nice big $5 tee shirt, cutting off a good wide band from the bottom and converting it into my neckband (those cheap tee shirts are nice and long), doing careful measuring and thinking, pinning and sewing it onto the tee shirt. A third time spot was experimenting with how to sew that band down onto the shirt on the inside, since I don't have a cover stich or serger (I think those are the same thing, but am not sure). I tried 7 different stitches on my machine along the inside back neckline, making a dot with a washable sewing type marker every time I changed stitches. Finally I choose the one that looked the best, sewed down the front of the neckband with that. My favorite was the one that looked like a big backwards E. Is that a fagotting stich? A feather stich was a close run.

I don't know if I can get this url link to work. Here is a
quick and easy photo.

Afterwards I pinked off the remaining material (there were 3 layers by this time). In my next short-sessions with tee shirt muslin, I plan to go a little farther and figure out how to finish off the pinked edges. Perhaps I will simply repeat the same big E stitch after I pink the edges. Or maybe pink some layers underneath first and try to cut really really close... Or perhaps a piece of ribbon or something over the stick line. .... Things to try out, wear on altered tees, and see how it goes.

Oh, and for fun, on this tee shirt I added a litle thin elastic on the inside of the sleeves, just above the hemming stitches No more big ugly loose, yet short sleeves! Also a chance to experiment with how-much-elastic-versus-arm-measurement. Yes ,I took notes.

I'm not going to bother hemming the bottom edge where I liberated the neckband material. If I want to experiment with knit hemming techniques sometime I might. But for the way I use this shirt- in the house - also tucked into my old exercise pants, it really doesn't have to be hemmed.

I like learning to work better with knits because I need tee shirts for hooping. I hoop inside the house so if a tee shirt turns out funny, well who is going to see it but me? OK my husband., but he doesn't notice what I'm wearing unless I spill ketchup on myself. Also exercising wearing something gives you a chance to see how something works over time, in active use. I can make sure it doesn't crinkle funny or slide down in an odd way.

I've tucked a note card into the ziplock bag I keep with tee shirt scraps and two knit patterns I'm working on (hummm could your favorite Tee shirt pattern be in there, yes! ) I tracked things like the percent of decrease on the neckband compared to the actual measurement of the top of the shirt and associated that with a scrap of the knit I used for future stretch comparison. In thinking about other knits I've worked with over the last 6 months I can see that learning to really think about how much stretch and the type of shirt I make is something I have to put more thought into.

BTW this tee shirt was not attractive on me when I bought it. Lots of fabric but the part I cut off above the neckband, the boxy length of it and the ugly sleeves did not make me feel at all cute. So far, I really like it in it's altered shape. I'm sure I will keep that hoop going even longer today!


Maripat said...

Thanks, Lori for another great podcast. I always learn something new from you.
I built my alterations business around my 6 kids, so finding snippets of time is always my focus. I chose a sewing business when I wanted to make money while staying home with my children. The portability of it was vital. Many carpools have been spent ripping out hems and zippers. My husband would often ask, "Do you have any hand sewing tonight? There's a good movie on that we could watch."
Now I need to make time to sew the fun stuff for a grand baby on the way!

Terri_A said...

Great podcast Lori. I too struggle with deciding to be in the sewing room or out in the garden. I have listened to most of your podcasts more than once because I learn so much. Sometimes, something I miss the first time around will grab me the second time:-)I have memorized the knits interview with Sarah V - very cool and inspiring.

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