Friday, July 9, 2010

Episode 57 - Stash Game

Stash, how much is a comfortable level for you, please leave a comment.   Ideas to help use your stash or ways to reduce some stash you won't sew or perhaps your tastes have changed or your kids are too old for a particular fabric.

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Length of Episode - 29 minutes


Annette said...

This podcast comes just in time as I have been working downward from #45 or so to your first podcast, listening sparingly because I didn't want to get to the end. Now you posted just in time.

BTW, on #2, you talked about your stash (lack of). I'm impressed as I've never known a sewist/seamster without a stash.

Now I'll listen to this one and will refrain from listening to #1 unless I'm desperate. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

Elaray said...

Your Stash Game podcast validated my feelings about stashes. I rarely have more than 10 pieces in my stash. Like you, I feel such pressure when I have more than 5 or 6 pieces waiting to be sewn. It's good to know I'm not alone! :)

Mary Sarah said...

Great podcast! You kept me company on my way to work. I'm impressed you were able to sew thru your stash. It'll be fun to shop for fabric. Thanks for all the web info and for doing the podcast. I really enjoy it!

Dinah said...

Great podcast, Lori! If I start now I may be able to make a dent in my stash before I die of old age, lol. I cannot imagine only having 4 or 5 pieces of fabric waiting!!

Kim said...

I am trying to sew down my current stash, which is mostly knits. After that I plan to stock up on really beautiful, coordinating, basic solids in different types of fabric. I like to pic out a pattern on more or less of an impulse and it kills me to go to the store more than once for one project! I also think there is no shame in a super thread stash -- especially polyester thread -- because it stinks to not have the right color. When those sales hit on thread that is the best time to stock up. Fabric is very personal so I hope to have a pragmatic and small stash that can be sewn to my current tastes. I took a 3 year break from sewing and I opened my fabric bin and was terrified of my previous choices (starting from when I was a teen, eek!).

MySummerTouch said...

Hi Lori!! Great podcast as usual!! I just wanted to ask you what kind of sewing mashine and serger (and coverstitch mashine) do you use? Maybe yo will do a podcast about best sewing mashines?

Becky said...

Finally catching up on your podcast! I had to laugh at the question of what my happy medium is for stash size-- I've NEVER had a small stash. I've made concentrated efforts before to reduce said stash, and it mostly hasn't worked. Except one time where I Freecycled probably about a third of it to a new seamstress who requested some fabric on the messageboard. What I'm trying this fall is I picked out several pieces of fabric from my stash along with patterns to go with-- some of the fabrics have been there around 2-3 years, some longer, I'm pretty sure one of them has been there since I was in college (which I graduated from about 7 years ago, eek). So I'm going to see how many of those I can knock out if I can manage to stick to a plan. I know I won't be able to resist new fabric altogether, but if I can pull from the stash enough to get down to maybe 2 bins (as opposed to the 4 or 5 I have now), I think I'll feel much better about it!

Terri_A said...

Lori, sorry it took so long for me to post on this. I feel the same way as you. My stash is fairly small compared to most sewists. For some reason I think I also don't feel entitled to much of a stash. Same as you I tend to stack stuff, so my fabric and patterns etc are highly visible to my family. If I sew only from my stash I feel limited. This is likely because it is generally not the right season when I find that great deal, (Vera W or Ralph in the $1.95 bin) or I have such a project backlog that I don't get to it until it is no longer in season. I need to be able to stash that wool or silk until I am ready to use it for the right project at the right time. Anyway - I am amazed you sewed up all your stash. WOW!

Melanie said...

Lori, when I discovered your podcast I was so excited! Your podcast is interesting, informative, and ON TOPIC (I really hate it when podcasters go on and on about unrelated things). I have learned so much from you and your interviewees. I was sad to hear that you will only be doing them once a month. Thankfully, there are still several old ones that I haven't heard yet.

Regarding the stash issue, I am impressed that you worked through your stash! It inspired me to start working through mine. I don't like having a big stash (I am currently filling an average dresser) but nice fabrics are so hard to find! When I see one I have to buy it. I often end up giving fabric away because I become disenchanted.

Thanks for taking the time to podcast... I'm sure it's a lot of work. Would you consider interviewing Cal Patch, author of Design It Yourself Clothes? I think that would make for a great podcast.

- Melanie

Janet said...

Hi Lori,
The first time I heard the term "sewing stash" I was amazed! I thought that was just my little secret. Unfortunately that gave me "permission" to increase my stash even more. I think I actually have a subconscious desire to live in a fabric shop and that's pretty much what I have now. I love that I can decide, on a whim, to make just about anything and I'll have everything right at hand.

As for the age of some of the fabric in my stash - well maybe I could set some sort of record! I have some fabrics that my Mum used in the early 60's and I love them. I also have some genuine Nottingham lace from the 40's.
Just now I am working on a vest made from Swiss polished cotton that I bought about 30 years back. I bought a mitre or so back then to make a skirt (when I was young and skinny!) but never got around to it. Then I gave it to my Mum who also never got around to doing anything with it, and then after she passed away 2 years, I got it back again with all her other sewing stuff. Well, it certainly wasn't going to be enough for a skirt anymore so I decided on a vest and I am very pleased with it so far.

So, the fable of the story is never throw fabric away! - Ya just never know when it will be the perfect piece for that new project!