Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Episdoe 58 - Markings

Sew News Article on Marking
Second article
Threads Magazine video on darts
How to distress silk
How to re-create designer looks

Green Stitch Podcast

52 free dress patterns

Sew Whats New Video link

Craft Stylish Shift dress pattern

Fabric.com free patterns - mostly Hot Pattern downloads

Sew Mama Sew - look in August 2010 for back to school patterns

Simplicity 4020


Mary Sarah said...

Great podcast. I love listening to them while I drive back and forth to work. I'll have to check the different ideas for marking pattern pieces. I use pins and a marking pen. You've been busy! I don't know how you get so much done. Way to go!

Terri_A said...

Enjoyed your podcast and also the interview on Green Stitch. Thanks Lori:-) I enjoy all your podcasts. I was wondering if you could do a podcast with your view on the latest patterns for fall and what fabrics you think would be good. Or a show that covers winter fabrics again, like wools and silks. Thanks:-)

TeresaP said...

Love your poscasts. I use a tracing wheel and tracing paper for marking as well...........like you, it's what I learned in Home Economics.

Jen M said...

Thank you for another great podcast! I especially like the section on what you are sewing now - it is great to hear pattern reviews and changes made from you, a person with much more sewing knowledge than me. As for marking, I like the dressmaker's pencils, in blue or pink. I like that they always, always come out in the wash, but don't disappear any time before that, and they are very reliable/low-tech. But, I have recently discovered mechanical marking pencils by Fons & Porter - probably made for quilters, which I am not, but they are even better than my old standby pencils because they provide a sharper point so you can do finer marks. More expensive, but pretty great.

Melissa said...

After I listened to the latest podcast, I realized I hadn't finished the prior one. I just restarted and listened to the whole thing. Another great one! I really appreciate you taking the time to record each show, I very much enjoy listening to each one. Looking forward to the next episode. :-)

The Simple Romantic said...

I was describing the SewForthNow podcast to a friend, who says she likes to sew but hasn't got the time for it anymore. I told her, "Well lots of times I don't put time into sewing. I still like to listen to Lori talk and imagine that I'm sewing too.

Listening to the 'cast, and re-listening to some of my favorites, is like reading a good romance novel over again. You can be happily married and STILL enjoy a good romance novel. You can be putting no time into sewing and still recall the joy that comes when you drop the presser foot and put your Reebok down on the pedal.

For kissy sounds just think, Zzzzzz!

p.s. relistening to 'Time to Sew' got me up from fighting a cold this weekend and I sewed one of those cotton nighties I'd cut out several weeks back. I just told myself, Lori would tell me to just thread the machine. Lori would just sew the side seams. And I got the whole thing done in bits and pieces. Plus that cold never totally descended. Which just proves that sewing is good medicine. (Yes that was a 'cast too)

The Simple Romantic said...
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