Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Episode 59 - Decisions

National sewing Month

Decisions on what to sew -
Let’s talk about deciding what to make.

1. Seasons

2. Inspiration

3. Fabric

4. Pattern

5. Needs

How do you prioritize?

Pressing video

Stripe insertion blouse

Notched Collar How-to

Sew Stylish Jacket Challenge enter by October 18, 2010

Staying a Curve

Vintage Inspiration

English Cut

Burda Style Article on Fashion week

My blog post for the Anthro top and McCall's Pattern

Anthro top, here is blogpost for detail how-to and pictures

Silk Jersey top


MySummerTouch said...

Hi Lori!
Thank you for the great episode!
For me the main reason to sew something is Burda - I just choose something from the new issue and go with it. I know that Burda try to stay stylish and modern and I know that many models of clothing follow what the runway has.(look here to compare and here
If I can't find something that I need for my wardrobe in this issue, I take previous issues - I have a collection of those.
Do you sew from Burda now? I don't see it NOW in your sewing.
Have you ever tried to design a pattern yourself? I'm taking a course in sewing and designing and I realized how MUCH MORE freedom i have now with this knowledge.

Melissa said...

Glad your computer saved the podcast without incident! I enjoyed listening to the latest episode. I am going to try to start getting up earlier - maybe that will work for me. :-)

Lynne said...

Hi Lori! I loved this episode, because I am always looking for inspiration so that I can plan my next wardrobe. I will google the seasons trends to find the up-to-date lists for whatever season it is. I always check the designer websites (Chanel,Jones NY,etc), and sites like Nordstrom or Macy's, Chicos or Ann Taylor.
One of my other FAVORITE inspiration blogs is the, which has a weekly post which examines not only the trends, but how to wear them, and ideas for accesorizing.
After deciding what it is I could add to my wardrobe, I start the search for a pattern that I can use as is or modify.
One thing I try to keep in mind is how I can best interpret the trend for a woman of my age...classics are always the best. Typically, I think it's good for a 50-ish woman like me to look more at trends for color/patterns than to go crazy on dressing all trend. but what makes sewing so great is that you can do a trendier piece for the season without spending too much money.

I also always look at how I can remake an item...either from my own closet or thrift stores...Right now, I'm MAD for a fur vest, so I'm keeping my eye on thrift stores for the right coat that I can cut down.

Good podcast, Lori!

Lynne said...

Oh, one other thing.I keep a notebook/journal with me most of the time. In it, I keep my lists of wardrobe needs, what fabric and notions I need, pattern numbers that I'm interested in, sketches, printed photos from the internet and cut outs from fashion magazines. I find it very useful.

Dinah said...

Great podcast, Lori. I always look forward to yours!

Cathi said...

Hi there Lori! I just wanted to let you know that I found your podcasts just recently and last weekend when I had the house to myself (which for me means a sewing day!) I started listening to your podcasts while I sewed. Usually I listen to a movie or a TV show DVD but I think I like your pod casts even better! I've listened to all the episodes from this year and now as I sew madly for Hallowe'en I'll start from the beginning and listen to the rest.

Thank you!