Saturday, October 30, 2010

Episode 60 -White Shirt

Today we are chatting with Barbara from Sewing on the Edge about The Never Too Many White Shirts Project.

More information here

leave a comment on her blog if you would like to participate
or email her

More information from show:
Double Bias extension

Lagerfeld information on Burda site

Lagerfeld jacket

Lagerfeld skirt

Sweater pattern

Sweater knit tutorial

Staying a neckline


The Simple Romantic said...

Thanks so much for coming along to the dental surgery with me while I had my root canal! Thank goodness I'd just found this new episode as I hurried out the door. While the nice people in their white coats did less-than-fun things I my mouth I focused REAL HARD on sewing that white shirt. I thought about where I had shirting in my stash, what patterns I"d liked, that old comfortable shirt I saved to use to remodel my tried-and-true shirt pattern. And buttons. I thought about buttons. Last white shirt I made was white linen and I covered buttons in white linen. The shirts holding up fine but that open weave linen wears off the buttons after 10-15 years of use.

While I've been down and out getting over the r.c. I've been listening to all my old favorites. I think I'm just about ready to try that idea of creating the tags for my stash. Maybe I'll think again about how I organize my tried-and-trues. And maybe I'll quilt that little shell I've got cut out.

Thanks for keeping me focused on the important stuff!

Sue said...

Great podcast, Lori! Inspires me to start looking for a pattern and fabric do make a white shirt too! Though, probably not until after Christmas. Looking forward to your next podcast!