Friday, January 28, 2011

Episdoe 63- Resolutions

Have you made New Year's Resolutions/goals for your sewing.

Here are some ideas:
Resolutions defined

1. Learn a new technique

2. Try a pattern from a magazine

3. Make a tailored garment

4. Tackle fitting issues

5. A new fabric for you

6. Welt pockets, bound buttonholes, notched collars, lining

7. Classes

8. Sewing group

9. Teaching others

10. Cleaning sewing room

11. New machine

12. Stitches on machine or serger

13. Pressing

News from Internet
Kenneth King on Martha Stewart
Patterns to buy from Stitch Magazine
Interweave (Stitch Magazine)
Couture Sewing Techniques book at Interweave
Pattern Poll at Diana Moden

top 10 garments of 2010
Riveria Jacket with links in post
Cabi site

Podcast length - 36 minutes


The Simple Romantic said...

Oh there is nothing as great as logging into iTunes and seeing a new podcast from Lori start to download! The show notes look great too. Now do I save it for a special activity boost, or go ahead and listen now....

Thanks for the new show!

The Simple Romantic said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this show because it tied in with my own goal setting. I have been making pie-in-the-sky plans for sewing and today I admitted to myself - "Hummm let's get real. What sewing projects do you actually think you will get done this spring, with your busy class schedule and related homework?"

I pinned down two goals from the many I've been blue-skying. Both of them relate to my plans for my first white shirt in the 'Never Too Many White Shirts Project'

1) Follow the posted collar-band tutorial
2) Improve the fit (work to eliminate drag back issues) on the shoulder seam, by measuring a shirt I wear a lot that seems to fit the best. I've been test wearing my three favorite shirts and decided this is the best fitting. I'll also attempt to measure/draw out the arm scythe on the favorite and experiment with how the sleeve fits in - possibly with just a partial sleeve first before I set in an actual sleeve.

Interesting note, the shoulder seam on the good --fitting shirt doesn't go right across the top of my arm - it is a little bit behind the bridge of my shoulder. Yet the shirt doesn't drag back. So I'm going to measure this shirt, and adapt my standard shirt pattern to fit the measurements from the favorite. Then I'll see how that shirt proofs in the wearing.

Villager said...

Such good ideas, Lori! My resolution is to track down all the presser feet for my machine (and maybe even attach and try them!) .... Linda

LIKC said...

I know I'm a little late to the party on this one but here goes:

I set 2 sewing resolutions for myself starting the 1st of December:

The first is to sew from stash. I have a large fabric stash because I made too many trips to SR Harris, a fabric warehouse with wonderful fabric. I know it is unrealistic to not buy new fabric so I've set the rule that I must complete 5 items from stash before buying fabric for 1 new project. I'm tracking yards sewn as a measure of how I'm doing on this goal. So far I've gone through about 37 yards. There are more rules about what I can or can't buy. 3 months in, I'm feeling pretty good about my ability to make a dent, however small, in my stash and stick to the rules.

The 2nd goal is to improve my skills at sewing knits. I'm making progress there, especially with starting seams on the serger. I've identified some Christine Jonson patterns that I LOVE and fit very well so I'm motived to sew knits. It doesn't hurt that I'm working on using stash fabric while learning new skills.

Love the podcasts. I look forward to each episode.

---Another Lori