Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Episode 67- Sewing Schools

Winners of the patterns with a bit of their comment (sizes are 4 to 12 and 12 to 20) tell me which size range you would like.

Judi – recently found podcast

Donna G – I ‘ve enjoyed every one

Megan – My favorite #33

Marcela – Congrats Lori

Winner of Sandra Betzina book:

Jan K – “ I love this podcast you always get me motivated to try new sewing projects”

Winners remember to email me with your mailing address
An interview with Robin from A Little Sewing about sewing schools.

Suedesays™ Rock Your Look Contest from Simplicity

Suedesays RockYour Look You Tube Videos
You Tube Basting technique video
You Tube Basting Technique Video 2
Style Arc Patterns

Sewing Schools:
Susan Khalje
Sandra Betzina
Palmer and Pletsch
Marcy Tilton
Claire Kennedy

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Elaray said...


I was so surprised when I heard my name mentioned on your podcast. I feel like I've had my 15 minutes of fame! Thank you so much for using your podcast to pass along the information!

Sheila said...

Enjoyed your podcast and enjoyed listening to Robin.

Robert said...
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Robert said...

(Oops! I should have said this is Donna G. using my husband's email account)

Hi Lori! I'm very excited to win one of the patterns! I'd like size 4-12 if still available. But, I'm having trouble emailing you with my address. I don't have Outlook and my server won't allow the download. Is there a way to get it other than through Outlook? Thanks so much, and loved the latest podcast!

Anonymous said...

where is the link for the purse/bag pattern site?

Nancy said...

I recently listened to this podcast. Your guest made me realize how lucky I am to go to sewing studio once a week at my local Bernina dealership.

The owner, Susan Igou, is a master sewer. Each week I go knowing if I am having a fitting issue or a technique question I have a ready, expert answer. It's wonderful spending 3 hours each week in the company of other women, sewing and getting inspiration from each other.