Sunday, July 10, 2011

Marvy Pen

I have had several emails about the pen Sharon mentioned in the last podcast.

It is called a Marvy Pen and I buy mine from Anne at Needle Nook
email her
or here is her blog with telephone numbers

Here is a picture and information for it
Marvy erasable fabric marker

Hope that helps

and thanks for following this blog - up to 200 people.

Now for your input, should I do something on Facebook for the podcast?  Leave a comment with your thoughts and ideas.



Anne K. said...

Lori - I'm a big FaceBook fan and use it for my podcast as well - I do think it helps notify people quickly when there's a new podcast up, plus it gives you a good place to add little updates inbetween shows. So, I recommend it!

Beth said...

Yes, I also recommend facebook. It is my one stop for keeping up with my family, my friends, and my favorite shopping spots. Also, thank you for the info on the Marvy pen. I'll be getting one of those!

Anonymous said...

I dislike Facebook. They want too much personal information up front, a thousand and one people suddenly want you to be their friend, and everyone in the world wants to be liked. I know you can restrict who sees what, but who has time to deal with all that. I'd rather be sewing. I prefer the rss feed for notification. If I'm really interested in something, I make it a point to visit that site or blog regularly. I almost never go to Facebook.

Sharon said...

Yes! Add Facebook as a tool for letting folks know about your podcast - and maybe Twitter also. Facebook could be a way of getting instant feedback, interaction between users, ideas for future podcasts, etc. I use both Twitter and FB as ways of keeping up with blogs, magazines, shops, etc.