Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hot Patterns Mens' Jean Pattern Winners

I received the patterns this week and it is time to draw two winners.  I used twice to get the winner and took duplicate posts from commenters.

Number 8 is:

Number 5 is:

Congrats to the winners.   email me with your addresses


Melissa said...

Yippee!!! Off to email you with my address - thanks Jeremy & Hot Patterns for offering your jeans pattern in a giveway!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to listening to your podcast (up to episode 27), and I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying it. You could talk only about your projects and personal life (which would be great), but you really take it to the next level with infomative topics and guest interviews. Your show is fantastic, I'm just beginning to sew and feel so lucky to have your program to fuel my new obsession! Thank you!