Monday, December 5, 2011

Episode 73 - Custom Sewing

An interview with Claire Kennedy, of Claire Kennedy Designs.

Some photos and information provided by Claire (click on the picture to view in a larger format)

Some liinks from the interview, provided by Claire

Kai scissors
Olfa Mat (watch for coupons)

bamboo stilleto

Clover rotary cutter

Direct download
Podcast length 1 hour 3 minutes


vivatveritas said...

i've started listening to your podcast recently, and i love it! i listened to your past episodes 1 or 2 a day while I work. my favorite part is the interviews, and it's great that you have a theme for each interviews..I'm so inspired. thank you, and please keep posting more! :)


Dinah said...

Great podcast as usual, Lori! Loved listening to Claire. I follow her blog so it was wonderful to hear this interview with her. Thank you!

- Dinah

fabricateandmira said...

I absolutely loved this podcast. So much good information from a real pro. thank you for doing this podcast, as I always look forward to listening.

BTW, I loved the stiletto - I've always used knitting needles or a leather punch for that purpose!

St.S. kreativ said...

I've just started listening to your podcast. It's very interesting and I learn a lot about sewing.
Beside that it's a good training for my knowledge of English, because my mother tongue is German.
Thank you very much for this inputs.