Monday, March 26, 2012

Episode 76 - Your Fitting Questions Answered

Follow-up interview with Sarah Veblen answering your fitting questions. 

My Sewing Circle
A Good Wardrobe - Independent Pattern Designer list
Anthro inspired ruffled skirt tutorial

If you have fitting questions email me
or leave your questions in the comment section of this post

Approx time  50 minutes


Laurel Shimer (The Simple Romantic) said...

I was excited both to see a new Sew Forth Now podcast, and also to hear Sarah's description of how I should work on my fitting challenges with drag-back shirt shoulder's. I think I better revamp my on-deck pile and work on a shirt muslin. I'll have to decide between a standard dragging back shirt pattern I've sewn many times or that Burda Style Blouse pattern that I gave up on last year and keep meaning to go back to, because I like the style so much (and for which I bought the perfect William Morris design Liberty fabric on a trip to London).

I can hear you now, rework that basic well-known pattern first. Then I'll have something with the right sloper to work from. You are right, as always.

Martha said...

I'm glad you had Sarah back, but the audio quality seemed to be no better. I tried it in my car through my ipod, then at home in my computer. It was only when she talked. I opened it up in Garageband to see if there was any way to remove the static, but couldn't find anything I could do from my end :(

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